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TitleSussex Notes and Queries, vol 14
Descriptionp1-3 The Customs Ports of Sussex 1680-1730 - John H Andrews
p3-10 A Shillinglee Sale Catalogue of 1788 - G H Kenyon
p10-14 The South Mill, Midhurst - E M Gardner
p15-16 Parish Church of St Michael, Plumpton - Walter H Godfrey
p16-19 Doctor Richard Russell, the founder of Modern Brighton - Anthony Dale
p19-22 Burlough Castle or Middleton Castle - Reginald Musson
p22-25 "Stanstrete" and the Charter of 930 AD - T R Holland
p35-36 Sussex Church Plans: Index to Parishes - G D Johnston
p37-43 William Turner's "Remarkable Providences" - Lindsay Fleming
p46-48 The Trade and Ships of Brighton in the 2nd half of the 17th Century - J H Andrews
p48-50 Livestock in Icklesham, 1798 and Comparative Livestock Figures for Sussex and Essex, 1798 and 1801 - G H Kenyon
p50-55 Sussex Entries in London Parish Registers - W H Challen
p72 Petworth Manor in the 17th Century by Lord Leconfield - L F Salzman
p73-78 Richard Russell MD - W H Challen
p78-80 Some Mayfield Roads and Bridges - E R Burder
p80-82 The Covert Brasses, Slaugham - R H D'Elboux
p82-85 The Iron furnace and Forge at Rogate - E M Yates
p85-91 Forestry and the Timber Trade in Sussex, 1560-1640 - Julian Cornwall
p91-95 The Obsequies of the Seventh Viscount Montague at Brussels, 1787 - Francis W Steer
p95-98 Medieval Diplomatic - R F Hunnisett
p98-99 A New Prehistoric Site at Bost Hill, Findon Valley, Worthing - J P H Clark
p109-112 Roman Fibulae from Chichester - E J W Hildyard
p112-115 Salehurst Church: The Wigsell Chapel - J L Ward
p115-116 Northiam Glass Furnace - V F M Oliver
p116-120 Treason by Words - R F Hunnisett
p120-121 Sussex Church Plans: St Nicholas, Itchingfield - Walter H Godfrey
p121-123 The Museum at Chichester - Francis W Steer
p123-125 Saxon Cinerary Urn from Pagham Churchyard - A H Collins
p125-129 John Yong, Dean of Chichester - W D Peckham
p129-130 The Caryll Vault at Harting - W D Peckham
p145-157 Three Kirdford Inventories - G H Kenyon
p157-162 Sussex Entries in London Parish Registers - W H Challen
p162-165 Three Old Roads to Winchelsea Peninsula - H Lovegrove
p165-166 A 17th Century Brick Kiln - V F M Oliver
p166-169 Roman Catholics in Midhurst in 1641 - C E Welch
p169-171 The Crossing of the Ouse after the Battle of Lewes - G D Johnston
p181-187 Bex Mill in Heyshott - E M Gardner
p187-189 Wall Paintings in St Michael's Church, Plumpton - E Clive Rouse
p189-192 Field Place, Warnham - F Bentham Stevens
p192-194 Sussex Entries in London Parish Registers - W H Challen
p194-196 Sussex Church Plans: St Mary, Sompting - Walter H Godfrey
p196-198 Excavations at Muntham Court, Findon - G P Burstow, G A Holleyman
p199-203 An Early Plan of Chichester Cathedral - C E Welch
p204-205 Excavations at the Friary of St. Austin, Rye - G P Burstow
p217-221 Schools and Schooling in Sussex, 1548-1607 - J E Wadey
p221-225 Henry Blaxton, DD - W H Challen
p226-227 Flint Work at Wiston - J P H Wiston
p228-229 Bignor Roman Villa, 1956 - S S Frere
p229-232 The Bosham Charters - C E Welch
p232-233 Excavations at Muntham Court, Findon - G P Burstow, G A Holleyman
p233-235 The South Mill, Midhurst - E M Gardner
p235-236 Intestate Administrations, 1559 - W D Peckham
p236-237 A Romano-British Cemetery near East Grinstead - Ivan D Margary
p237-238 Sussex Church Plans: Parish Church of St Martin, Westmeston - Walter H Godfrey
p253-262 Sir Thomas Eversfield M.P. for Hastings and his two wives, Elizabeth (Goring) and Jane (Alford) - Sir Gyles Isham and Margaret Toynbee
p262-270 The Rebuilding of the Churches of St Pancras and St Bartholomew, Chichester - C E Welch
p270-277 Schools and Schooling in Sussex - J E Wadey
p277-278 Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Clapham - Walter H Godfrey
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